This program stream allows Canadian employers to hire temporary foreign workers (TFW) for full-time positions (minimum 30 hours/week) where the wage offered is at or above the provincial/territorial median hourly wage.

Canadian employers looking to hire high-wage workers must provide transition plans with their LMIA application to make certain they are taking the appropriate steps to reduce reliance on temporary foreign workers.

The most important aspect of this stream is the wage requirement. If you do not meet the wage requirements for this program then your application will be dismissed immediately.

It’s essential the employer must use this program as a last resort for high wage positions.

Transition Plan Exemptions

A Transition Plan is not required for the following positions:

  • Caregivers in private households and health care instutions which fall under specific NAICS and NOC codes
  • Seasonal agricultural workers and primary agricultural occupations
  • Positions that qualifiy for Quebec’s facilitated Labour Market Impact Assessment process
  • Positions with a limited duration where:
    • The job has a time limit with a duration range from one day up to two years.
    • No expectation that the position will be able to be transferred to a Canadian or permanet resident
    • The position will not be filled after the TWF departs as it will not longer exisit such as a project specific position (such as consultants or construction projects)
    • Where the position is of a limited duration in the industry, but the position will be needed again in the future (i.e. entertainment industry, film industry, emergency work, warrantry work)
  • Unique skillset, skills or traits specific to an individual and are not particulary available in Canada (i.e. NOC oo occupations, hiring by a foreign government)


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