Grounds keepers – 3203

Job description


Job Duties:

Spread top soil, lay sod, plant flowers, grass, shrubs and trees and perform other duties to assist with the construction of a landscape and related structures on the golf course property 
Cut grass, rake, aerate, dethatch, fertilize and water lawns, weed gardens, prune shrubs and trees and perform other maintenance duties as directed by supervisor 
Maintain lawns, greens, fairways, tee boxes, and grass along roadsides
Operate and maintain power mowers, tractors, chain saws, electric clippers, sod cutters, pruning saws, snowblowers and other landscape maintenance equipment
Care for sand traps and keep groomed 
Replace divots and other manual labour duties
Spray and dust trees, shrubs, lawns and, as directed, to control insects and disease
Excavate and backfill using hand tools 
Perform other manual duties to clean and maintain landscaped environments.


Job Requirements:

Attention to detail 
Able to lift 50 lbs repeatedly
Early morning start times required 
Not allergic to Grass or Dust 
Past experience on a golf course is an asset
Driver licence is an asset 


8 Openings

  • Waged Offered: $17 CAD
  • Number of Openings: 8
  • Years of Experience Required: 1
  • Education Required: Some High School
  • LMIA Status: LMIA in process

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