Fish Plant Worker – 3276

Job description

Job Duties:

  • Fish plant machine operator 
  • Set up and operate machines to clean, cut, cook, smoke, brine, dehydrate or otherwise process fish or seafood products
  • Set up and operate machines to can, bad, box or otherwise package fish and seafood products 
  • Check products and packaging for defects and to ensure conformance to company standards and preform corrective machine adjustments as required
  • Record production information such as quantity, weight, date and type of products packaged. 
  • Fish and seafood plant cutters and cleaners 
  • Cut, clean and trim fish or seafood prior to marketing or further processing 
  • Scrape away scales, cut fish, separate fillets and remove scrap parts using knife 
  • check fish fillets to determine optimal number and size of fillet sections, cut sections according to specifications and place in container for weighing 
  • Disjoint and remove meat from lobsters or other crustaceans preparatory to canning or further processing 

Job Requirements:

  • Ability to communicate in English will be an asset.
  • Forklift Driving will be an asset.
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends
  • English is an asset – Basic English is required (100 words to communicate) 
  • Must be able to stand long periods of time and complete repetitive tasks 


25 Openings

  • Waged Offered: $17 CAD
  • Number of Openings: 25
  • Years of Experience Required: 1
  • Education Required: High School
  • LMIA Status: LMIA in process

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