Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Your business may be eligible to access a pool of foreign workers to hire on a temporary basis when Canadian citizens and permanent residents are not available.

You can hire workers under a variety of streams:

  • Skilled workers
  • Global talent / highly skilled workers
  • Workers in high wage or low wage positions
  • Agricultural workers
  • Academics
  • In-home caregivers

Employers can hire a foreign worker in order to combat their labour shortages in either of the following programs implemented by Government of Canada.

International Mobility Program – IMP

The International Mobility Program (IMP) allows employers to hire temporary workers without an LMIA.

Exemptions from the LMIA process are based on broader economic, cultural or other competitive advantages for Canada; and reciprocal benefits for Canadians and permanent residents.

If your company hires a temporary foreign worker through the IMP, you are required to pay an employer compliance fee and submit an offer of employment.

An offer of employment must be provided by the employer, and the compliance fee must be submitted prior to work permit application by the foreign national.

Labour Market Impact Assessment – LMIA

The purpose of the assessment is to protect Canadian workers by providing them first access to jobs while balancing the needs of employers to access skills and expertise that they are unable to find in the Canadian labor market.

LMIA is a tool to help alleviate genuine skill shortages in Canada while protecting Canadian and foreign workers from unfair treatment.

positive LMIA verifies the need for foreign workers and that Canadian workers are not available with the skills or experience.

LMIA’s can also be used as a tool to support an application for permanent residency. The program has multiple streams including high skilled, low skilled, caregiver, agricultural, global talent stream and permanent residence.

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