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Canada LMIA works with elite immigration consultants in Canada to get you the brightest and most qualified foreign workers now.

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Start With 3 Easy Steps

Our goal is to simplify the immigration process. Be confident that you are getting the best possible talent by following easy steps in the hiring process.

Talk with an Immigration Expert

Our immigration experts have over 40 years of experience. We will help you formulate a strategic plan to get the foreign workers you need.

Purchase an LMIA Application

Our online platform helps process all types of applications quickly with fewer delays, and provides easy status updates.

Screen Qualified Job Candidates

We will help you craft your job descriptions which will be exposed to hundreds of available foreign workers that are highly qualified.

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Remove the Hassle From the Immigration Process

The immigration process is not as easy as it seems. We will guide you through all the steps and ensure everything is completed correctly.

Easy LMIA Application Process

Learn about your options and what course of action will help you reach your goals.

Complete Application Management

If you want to hire foreign workers or apply for an LMIA approved job we will help guide and represent you through the process.


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Attract Qualified Foreign Workers Who Are Ready to Move

Our immigration form automation system can have online immigration applications ready for submission in minutes. We can help you serve your clients needs despite unpredictable Canadian Immigration programs.

Large Pool of Eligible Candidates

We have hundreds of eligible foreign workers with new additions monthly. 

Easy Screening Process

Screen and interview candidates easily. Also view premium applicants who have been pre-screened several times. 


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