What’s The Overall Processing Time For LMIA Application Canada?

Keli Propp

The Canadian Foreign Work Program has gained intense hype and to the majority of temporary workers, it served as a gateway to seeking employment opportunities in Canada. LMIA applications in home and skilled labour positions are still in effect and an employer needs to seek government approval before hiring a foreign worker.

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is more like a declaration which clearly states that Canadian employers are unable to fill positions with local/existence Canadian citizens. Hence, require a well-thought consideration for filling the position with foreign nationals. This requires a proper demonstration through advertising of the job and must have significant proof of your effort to hire a Canadian.

Obtaining an LMIA LETTER in Canada is a tricky and confusing process especially if you are not sure what you’re doing or what needs to be done. Our immigration professionals are dedicated to assisting you with your LMIA application in Canada or temporary work permit application.

The latest changes in LMIA applications in Canada. The application fee is not $1000 per worker and as per the latest parameter, the LMIA is categorized as HIGH-WAGE and LOW-WAGE. If the salary exceeds the median wage, then the jobs are considered as high-wage and if the salary is below the median, then the job is considered low-wage. The LMIA processing time can be unpredictable and does vary as per the individual circumstances. It could be a couple of weeks or a few months. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has been assured to process a certain LMIA application within 10 business days under the following conditions:

(a) LMIA application for the highest demand occupation (skilled trades).

(b) Short duration work period (120 days or less).

(c) Highest paid (top 10%) occupation.

As soon as your employer applies for the LMIA application, your next step will be waiting for approval by Employment and Social Development Canada. A positive LMIA (i.e. confirmation letter) signifies that there’s no Canadian to fill the position and also gives you the authority to hire foreign nationals for the respected job position. Once an employer receives the LMIA, a potential candidate can apply for a work permit.

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