Expert Opinion On How LMIA Can Lead To PR In Canada

Keli Propp

LMIA’s application for permanent residency (PR) acknowledges that people with special skills, abilities, education and work experience have the ability to contribute to the economy. But do you know that a job offer in Canada can also provide several routes to get permanent residency via express entry? The express entry is designed to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers and is a fast-track approach to gaining permanent residency. An applicant is eligible to apply as a temporary foreign worker or outside of Canada; as long as you meet the criteria as mentioned below:

(a) Educational and Qualification certificates.

(b) Fluency in English or French.

(c) Age of the Candidate.

(d) Overall work experience and skillsets.

(e) Job offer from legit Canadian organization.

Do note down one thing that a job offer might need a positive/approved Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). LMIA is a document that clearly states that there’s a need for foreign nationals as the job position cannot be filled by the existence of Canadian workers. If you have an LMIA, you’ll get an extra 50 points on your express entry score.

Three ways a job offer with LMIA can lead to PR in Canada (1) Express Entry via federal skilled worker program, (2) Express Entry via Canadian Experience Class and (3) Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Each of the programs encompasses different parameters that need to be fulfilled respectfully. If you are using the Express Entry means via PNP program, then you must the individualized requirement of each province/territory and get nominated in a particular express entry stream.

The express entry provinces in Canada are British Colombia Express Entry, Manitoba Express Entry, New Brunswick Express Entry, Newfoundland Express Entry, Alberta Express Entry, PEI Express Entry, Nova Scotia Express Entry, Saskatchewan Express Entry and Ontario Express Entry. If an applicant is selected through the express entry draw, he/she is given permission to apply for Canada PR and must submit an application within 90 days.

As of 2019, the Canadian government has decided to accept 3000,00 permanent residents. Citizenship and Immigration Canada plans to acknowledge 1,75,500 applicants under economic class immigration programs.

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