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Canada LMIA

Canada is currently experiencing a labour shortage and many employers are undergoing the difficult task of trying to find experienced and qualified staff. A lack of workers throughout various industries has many Canadian employers expanding their staffing search to the global market. Canada LMIA is designed to assist employers hire foreigners for jobs in Canada throughout the entire immigration process.  Canada LMIA also assists foreigners who want to move and work in Canada.

Canada LMIA is a revolutionary online portal that helps Canadian employers and foreign workers. Canada LMIA takes the entire process onlines and ensures each step is performed accuratley and in a timely manner.

Benefits of the online OFAS Portal:

  • Hiring strategies
  • Job posting & advertising
  • Pre-screening, interviews & candidate selection
  • LMIA applications, work permits & immigration applications
  • Simple and quick status updates
  • Streamlined process

Canada LMIA can help you no matter what part of the hiring process you are in. Our registered immigration consultants can provide application services, advice and all options available. The greatest part of this service is that you have the ability to customize it to your needs.

Become a Premium User and enjoy the following benefits:

Employer Benefits

  • Easy LMIA application processing
  • Application management and processing updates
  • Free job posting
  • Pool of eligible candidates
  • Easy canididate screening
  • Registered consultant selection

Candidate Benefits

  • Easy immigration application processing
  • Application management and processing updates
  • Free resume posting
  • Pool of LMIA approved positions
  • Registered consultant selection

Book an online consultation with a registered immigration consultant to discuss your hiring options or to begin the immigration process.

OFAS has contracted IIBC a professional consulting company founded in 2007. IIBC has extensive experience with business consulting, immigration applications and relocation services throughout Canada.
We possess a dedicated team of professionals which can facilitate an employer’s individual needs throughout the LMIA process and ensure the greatest chances for success.
The online portal presented by OFAS streamlines the entire LMIA application process. The online systems allows Employer’s applications to be processed quickly with fewer delays, and allows for quick status updates.
We recognize that each employer has unique needs when hiring foreign talent. The OFAS system can be adjusted for employers who need a few workers with a single location or for employers who need many workers across many locations.
ONLINE APPOINTMENT: A 30 minute consultation for only $165.Book a Consulation